Discovery Education: Science Alliance

About the Project

May 5, 2015
Discovery Education

Discovery Education, the leading provider of digital content and professional development for K-12 classrooms, commissioned Blue Chalk Media to produce a series of 105 videos that teach the principles of science to elementary school students aged kindergarten to second grade. The videos are being included in the Discovery Education Science Techbook, the company’s award-winning digital textbook series.

The 105 videos, branded the "Discovery Science Alliance" feature a diverse cast of young "investigators" and "explorers" who use the scientific method of inquiry to solve mysteries or problems in their neighborhoods and communities.

Blue Chalk Media worked with education experts to design a concept, style and structure for the series that would engage a young audience in scientific inquiry while adhering to the educational standards demanded by different state curriculums. To illustrate scientific concepts, Blue Chalk created original stop-motion and digital animations that transported viewers from the molecular to the interstellar. Also among the series are 13 music videos for which Blue Chalk provided original compositions with catchy, informative lyrics.


  • Pam Huling, Executive Producer
  • Rob Finch, Creative Director
  • Natalie Taylor, Producer
  • Natalie Taylor, Writer
  • Natalie Taylor, Director
  • Logan Sayles, Creative Producer
  • Julianne Parker, Assistant Producer
  • Mika Chance, Director of Photography
  • Danny Guy, Additional Cinematography
  • Jamie Francis, Additional Cinematography
  • Bernardo Pantoja, Lead Editor
  • Jesse Crowell, Assistant Editor
  • Dan Quintero, Consulting Editor
  • Emily Skaer, Motion Graphics Design
  • John Lee, Motion Graphics Animation
  • 2-Track Mind, Original Music
  • Julianna Bright, Original Lyrics
  • Julia Dellwo, Education Consultant

Services Provided

  • Original Cinematography
  • Original Motion Graphics/Animation
  • Original Music Composition
  • Post-Production

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