Minneapolis-St. Paul: Connecting to the Future

About the Project

Dec. 7, 2015

T Brand Studio, the custom content studio within the advertising department of The New York Times, asked Blue Chalk Media to produce a series of films for their client Dell Inc. that profiles cities on Dell’s list of “future-ready economies,” and how each city is innovating for a dynamic and resilient tomorrow.

In this film, Blue Chalk Media explores how innovators in Minneapolis-Saint Paul are quietly creating a diverse and thriving economy by embracing inclusivity. A metropolis that is home to large immigrant populations, a supportive arts scene and the densest medical technology hub in the world, Minneapolis-St. Paul sees the potential in creating connections and goes out of its way to ensure everyone has the potential to contribute to the city’s future.

The film is part of a paid post titled, “Future Ready Economies” featured on the NYTimes.com. The post includes an interactive list of the world’s most “future ready” cities as defined by a Harvard/MIT economic study that was commissioned by Dell.

View the interactive paid post on The New York Times.


  • Greg Moyer, Executive Producer
  • Sydney Levin, Executive Producer
  • Rob Finch, Director, Camera
  • Natalie Taylor, Producer
  • Adam Loeb, Producer
  • Jamie Francis, Director of Photography
  • Dan Quintero, Editor
  • Andy Clausen, Original Music
  • Scottie Tuska, Production Assistant

Services Provided

  • Original Cinematography
  • Original Music Composition
  • Original Still Photography
  • Post-Production