Our Branded Content

At Blue Chalk, we partner with top brands and agencies to create content that connects. Our journalistically-trained producers excel at telling real-life stories that shine on screen. Our cinematographers and editors make each shot remarkable. The result is award-winning content that is watched and shared by millions.


  • Rob Finch

    Rob Finch is the Portland, OR-based creative director of Blue Chalk Media. Winner of multiple prestigious awards and part of the T Brand Studios Selects team, he has directed and edited numerous films in both the documentary and advertising space, and has worked on spots for Nike, Subaru, CVS, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and Dell.

  • Catherine Yrisarri

    Catherine Yrisarri is a Brooklyn and Colorado-based director who has editorially and creatively crafted several international series exploring politics, sex and science around the world. Over the years, she helped define the creative vision for a wide range of brands, and has worked on stories in over 50 countries around the globe for top clients and media outlets such as T Brand Studio, Time, Nike and National Geographic.

  • Peter Richardson

    Peter Richardson is an award-winning director who has worked on commercial spots for the likes of Nike, Microsoft and The Oregon Lottery to name a few. His thoughtful and compelling documentary work has gained widespread recognition, including an Emmy nomination and the Sundance Grand Jury Prize for Best Documentary. He is currently working on a new series for Showtime, after having been a series director on “Belief,” a landmark, seven-part documentary series created by Oprah Winfrey.

  • Arkasha Stevenson

    Arkasha Stevenson is a Los Angeles-based writer and director. A recent graduate from the prestigious directing program at the American Film Institute, her thesis film, “Vessels,” was awarded the 2015 Iris Prize. Stevenson is now adapting her short film “Crowns” into a feature length screenplay, as well as being one of the directors on HBO’s “Project Greenlight” digital series.

  • Bryan Harvey

    Bryan Harvey is an award-winning director and cinematographer. His work has taken him to over 35 countries filming projects of all kinds and is highly sought after for the creative spark he brings to each project. Harvey’s extensive background in documentaries has found him in great demand in this new era of branded content commercial work, and he’s collaborated with many major international brands including Nissan, Panasonic, LG, Subaru, Fuji, HSBC, Captain Morgan’s, Purina, and the NFL among others.

  • Mo Scarpelli

    Mo Scarpelli is a director, producer and cinematographer whose hankering for human stories has brought her to film in 20+ countries around the globe with international nonprofits such as charity: water, Aeras and the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN). Her award-winning four-part web series EXPOSED has been screened at the United Nations, World Health Organization, and other major global health events around the world. Her feature-length documentary film FRAME BY FRAME, shot exclusively in Afghanistan, has garnished more than a dozen film festival awards as well as a Cinema Eye Honors nomination.