A Midsummer's Star Party

Last month, on assignment for The Weather Channel, Blue Chalk went to a party that was out of this world. 

Each year hundreds of amateur astronomers venture to rural Pennsylvania for the Cherry Springs Star Party, where they observe the darkest sky on the Eastern Seaboard. Blue Chalk set up camp with deep sky observer Dr. Orum Stringer. He uses The Weather Channel to know when he will be able to get his best view.  

"A Midsummer's Star Party" is our sixth film in a series for The Weather Channel. The short films tell the stories of real people for whom having an accurate weather forecast is essential. 

Dust off that telescope and observe with us, won't you? (When you're done, don't forget to check out the TV promo.)  

 Cover photo: The night sky at Cherry Springs State Park. Credit: Nick Midwig