A Tribute to Discomfort with Cory Richards

Don’t get too comfortable in that office chair. Get ready for an adventure.

This spring Blue Chalk Media created a promotional piece for National Geographic Creative photographer and North Face athlete Cory Richards.

A climber and visual storyteller, Cory Richards was named National Geographic Adventurer of the Year in 2012 and is part of the North Face athletic team. Cory’s photography has appeared in National Geographic magazine, Outside, The New York Times and his film work has won awards at many adventure film festivals, including the Grand Prize at Banff Mountain Film Festival.

A Tribute to Discomfort brings the viewer through Cory’s stunning work, his unique sense of humor, and his quest to create photographs that relate a common humanity.

Want to go on an adventure with Cory? Head on over to Cory’s new website and dive into his exclusive Life is Fun photo contest, running today through June 9 at midnight (ET).  

To enter upload your best #lifeisfun themed photo to Instagram with @coryrichards and #lifeisfun in the caption. The contest will be judged by Cory and the winning picture will be featured on Cory's Instagram and Facebook feeds.

The contest winner will receive a limited edition print of his or her choosing from A Tribute to Discomfort. Watch the video on our website or coryrichards.com.

The contest will run for one week beginning today. No picture can be entered more than once and the original image must have been taken by the uploader. 

Proof of capture will be required by all winners, and the copyright will remain with the photographer/uploader.

So, plunge on in! We're excited to see the stories you share.

Photo (above): Mbo Tadi, a Bajau elder clings to the cultural practices of his nomadic ancestors relying on the sea for sustenance. Wakatobi, Indonesia. Photo by Cory Richards/ory Richards/National Geographic Creative.