Blue Chalk Creates New Educational Mini Docs For Pearson

The higher education division of Pearson, one of the world’s top textbook publishers, commissioned Blue Chalk Media to created 19 short films that put a human face to key topics explored in its new digital college courseware, Revel.  

From race and gender to immigration to electoral politics, the films, dubbed “Pearson Originals,” are short, character-led documentaries that tell the stories of people who are “living in the news.”  

This particular set of films was created to supplement Person’s introduction to sociology course material. Each film is paired with a specific chapter in the courseware to help students connect the patterns studied by sociologists with examples of real people caught in the swirl of social change.

Since Blue Chalk began in 2013, the world of education has changed dramatically. In a generation more familiar with visual communications, textbooks are becoming relics of the past and an increasing number of educators are calling for something new. In an effort to meet this demand, Pearson has enlisted Blue Chalk to help it move learning into the digital age.

In addition to the sociology series, we have made films about world religions and psychology and are working on hundreds of short explainer videos for a number of other subjects.

The large majority of the content created so far has been behind a paywall, but we are excited that all 19 “Pearson Originals” are now available to watch online