Blue Chalk Creates "Sister Cities" Series for USA Today

Explore the food, culture, and heartbeat connecting cities in China and the USA in our new series, "Sister Cities," produced in partnership with ​​USA Today Studios and China Intercontinental Communication Center (CICC). 

Premised on the pairing of Sister Cities, a long-running international program of people-to-people exchange, the series explores the rich histories, cultural perspectives, and colorful characters of each city that make their respective residents proud. 

The series features two episodes. The first highlights Shanghai, China, and San Francisco, California. The second episode focuses on St. Louis, Missouri, and Nanjing, China. 

A large team was involved in bringing this series to life, including our production partners on the ground in China, Red Door Creative.

Parts one and two of our Shanghai and San Francisco episode are available to watch now on YouTube and on the USA Today channel. Part one of our St. Louis and Nanjing episode will be live on Aug 1, 2022.