Blue Chalk Welcomes Brooke Herbert Hayes

We are extremely pleased to welcome Brooke Herbert Hayes as our summer 2015 production intern.

In May 2015, Brooke graduated from Ohio University's School of Visual Communication with an MA. She was drawn to OU because of the focus on long-term documentary and multimedia storytelling. Her work reflects on the themes of community, origin, and the intersection of culture and climate. For her Master’s thesis, she traveled to communities within the bayous of southern Louisiana to document the effects of climate change and offshore oil drilling.

Before earning her MA, she studied photography and art history at the University of Louisville. She also spent time in Chicago, where she assisted photojournalist Marc PoKempner, worked as a freelancer and with nonprofit organizations. 

Learn more about Brooke on her website.

Photo (above): Carol Rodriquez gathers with her niece and friends around a bonfire on a Saturday night in bayou Pointe-aux-Chenes, Louisiana. The community of Pointe-aux-Chenes is one of several areas and tribes confronting monumental land loss. With that also comes the threat of losing their community, their culture and their way of life. Photo by Brooke Herbert Hayes.