Blue Chalk Welcomes Megumi Nishikura

We're thrilled to welcome Megumi Nishikura to the Blue Chalk team as producer. Megumi started at Blue Chalk in 2014 and assumed her staff position as of April 1. 

Megumi Nishikura is passionate about addressing our global and social issues through documentary storytelling. Before starting at Blue Chalk she spent five years working for the United Nations, producing and directing documentaries on environmental issues such as climate change and biodiversity loss. 

Believing in the healing power of storytelling, Megumi has captured stories of 9/11 survivors and those impacted by the 2011 Tsunami in northeastern Japan. Her award-winning independent film, "Hafu—the mixed-race experience in Japan" screened theatrically throughout Japan and aired in the U.S. on PBS.   

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Photo (above): In Japan, the blooming of the sakura (cherry blossoms) is the most beloved time of the year. It ushers in the new school year and draws people out from their winter slumber. It is also known for its power to evoke mono no aware—empathy for the impermanence of life. Living now 6,000 miles away from Tokyo, I find it comforting to find a piece of home here in Brooklyn. Photo by Megumi Nishikura.