Blue Chalk Welcomes Sarah Marcus

We are thrilled to announce that Sarah Marcus has joined Blue Chalk Media as senior editor.

Sarah began her film career at Film Forum in NYC, watching every movie that came her way. After relocating to Portland, she worked for the Northwest Film Center where she created three short films that went on to receive awards from Matt Groening, Christine Vachon and Todd Haynes at the Northwest Film & Video Festival. 

While at the center, Sarah also worked as an artist in residence and founded the “Flicker Film Club for Teens.” 

In 2001 she went on to establish the video department at Portland State University as an adjunct professor, while also working as an instructor and post-production supervisor for feature-length documentaries at the Digital Media Education Center in Portland. 

In 2007 she found her calling as an editor, helping clients such as Wieden + Kennedy, Laika, Swift, Nike and Adidas tell some of their biggest stories. 

Outside of work, some of her favorite things include jokes, creative collaboration, dance parties with her daughter and talking about the movie "Lemonade" with anyone and everyone.   

Learn more about Sarah at

Photo (above): An image of Sarah's daughter captured on a hot day in Chicago.