Discover Tim's New World

We’re excited to share our film, Tim's New World, about a young man with cerebral palsy who experiences the power of VR for the first time.

The film was an internal project for Blue Chalk, sourced out of a decades-long friendship between Blue Chalk COO, Pam Huling, and Tim's mother, Liz Bartow. Blue Chalk's interest in virtual reality led to a discussion with Liz, who then realized that her son, Tim, could benefit from the technology. Just a few weeks later, our production crew, which was filming in a neighboring city, added a few days to their schedule and captured the priceless moment when Tim first experienced VR.

The film was recently posted to Upworthy’s Facebook page and, in just four days, it received over 519,000 views.

Even more impressive is the level of engagement being generated as viewers respond enthusiastically, liking the video 5,500 times, sharing it 2,200 times and writing hundreds of passionate comments and direct emails to Tim via his website

As a result of the video, Tim has been offered everything from a Hollywood script reading of his screenplay to custom technology development that can support him physically.

One new fan even offered to travel around the globe, posting pictures of himself with a sign with Tim's name on it. It's a kind world, after all! 

In an unexpected turn of events, shortly after creating this film, Tim’s house burned down. Tim is now living in temporary housing until a more suitable and accessible home can be found. Blue Chalk Media COO Pam Huling created a Go Fund Me campaign to help build Tim and his housemates a new home. Please consider donating if you have the means. All donations go directly to Life Centers of Kansas and will be earmarked for Tim’s new home.