Fall in Love with the Little Things

Fifty-seven years of marriage is more than a thing of beauty. It’s a journey. It takes care, hard work, commitment, understanding. It takes appreciation of the little things along the way.

This February, on an assignment for The Weather Channel, the Blue Chalk team set out to follow a bouquet of roses on its journey from the hills outside of Bogota, Colombia to a farmhouse in Malta, Ohio.

As the journey unfolded we met people every step of the way who warmed our hearts—from the growers in Colombia, to the managers at the distribution center, to the florist at Kroger in snow-covered Ohio, all the way to Sally and Bob Richmond in their farmhouse kitchen.

Roses await their turn to be bundled. Photo by Catherine Yrisarri.

While following these “little treasures,” the significance of their journey grew for us, becoming more than a symbol of beauty, but also of care, hard work and commitment.

When Bob gave those globetrotting flowers to Sally as a celebration of their nearly six decades together, well, our hearts just melted.

This Valentine’s Day, we invite you to join us in falling in love with the journey, the people that help us along the way, and the little things that keep us on our path.

Unfortunately, we can’t yet ask you to stop and smell the roses (Is someone working on that?), but for now, take a moment to stop and watch the roses.

See the accompanying TV ad now. Don't forget to share it with someone you want to celebrate the journey with this Valentine’s Day.

P.S. The stars of this piece, Sally and Bob Richmond, are none other than the grandparents of Blue Chalk’s social media intern Jayme Markus. This isn’t the first time that Jayme’s family has starred in a Blue Chalk production. Check out the video profile of writer John Markus to learn more about Jayme’s fascinating uncle.

Cover photo: Dozens of roses being assembled by Passion Growers. Photo by Catherine Yrisarri.