First Sight: Sonia & Anita

We are excited to share with you First Sight: Sonia & Anita. Many of you saw the trailer for this short film last November. The final story has been embargoed by the client—until now.

Today, we’re releasing both the four-minute and a longer eight-minute version, featuring still photography by Brent Stirton, videography by Robert Wilson, editing by Greg Snider and original music by Tyler Strickland.

First Sight: Sonia & Anita, produced for nonprofit client WonderWork, is the story of two sisters, both born blind to a poor Indian family, and the emotional process of receiving surgeries that could allow them to see for the first time.

The two sisters are among 20 million children and adults that could have their eyesight restored through a 15-minute surgery that costs just $300, according to WonderWork. This video is part of 20/20/20, a WonderWork charity that aims to bring 20/20 vision to the 20 million in need.

The earlier in a child's life the surgery is administered, the higher its chance of success. In developed countries, vision problems like Sonia and Anita’s are usually corrected as soon as they are identified. For a poor family in a developing country, this type of surgery, though “simple,” is out of budget, and therefore, out of question.

That is, unless they have some help.

First Sight: Sonia & Anita is the story of one family who received that help. Please take a moment to watch their story and consider if you could be that someone to give a person in need the gift of sight.

Learn more about 20/20/20—WonderWork's charity to bring eyesight to 20 million people without it.

Photo (above): Sonia and Anita are prepared for surgery in West Bengal, India. Photo by Brent Stirton/Getty Images for Blue Chalk Media.