Hello from Brooklyn

We’re Blue Chalk. We're a Brooklyn-based digital media company founded by people who believe in the power of nonfiction visual storytelling.

In May I founded Blue Chalk Media. We’ve been hard at work since then getting to this—our formal launch. It’s been a labor of love as our team with roots in photojournalism, documentary film, cable television and digital communications sees opportunities for innovation during this time of disruption in legacy media businesses. 

Over these past 30 years, I’ve lived the paradigm shift in television that came with the arrival of cable and satellite channels. These once groundbreaking platforms changed the programming landscape forever allowing news, sports, documentary, drama, and other focused categories to prosper and excel unbounded by the constraints of broadcast TV.

I sense the same possibility now as the tectonic plates of journalism, film, publishing and television are all forced to jostle with the upstarts—internet distribution and social media.

Our job at Blue Chalk is to build sustainable business models for world-class visual storytelling in this evolving media landscape. Through work on behalf of our clients, and projects we publish ourselves, Blue Chalk aims to assemble discerning communities of interest open to supporting substance and quality in their media diets.

We’re glad that you are here with Blue Chalk at the beginning and we hope that you will stay with us for what is sure to be an eventful ride.

Get to know us better. Check out the video below.

Greg MoyerFounder and CEO

Photo (above): The Manhattan Bridge under construction. March 23, 1909. Courtesy of Recuerdos de Pandora