Intern Success Stories

Since 2013, we’ve been fortunate to have twenty talented interns grace our offices.From aspiring producers to up-and-coming cinematographers, every intern brought a vast set of talents that we have found invaluable. In fact, many have proved so valuable that they’re still among our staff today! 

Producers Julianne Parker and Natalie Taylor both started out as production interns, as did director of photography, Jason Greene. In recent years we’ve also added Ruth Aravena, Jesse Crowell, Whitney Bradshaw, Kylie Juggert, Maria Kjellstrand and Megan Clark to our team following successful internships. 

But, it’s not only those who have remained at Blue Chalk who have done well. Several former interns have gone to have successful jobs at organizations such as The New York Times, NPR, Refinery29, CNN and Restore NYC while some have opted to travel to places such as India, Lebanon and Costa Rica, to work on exciting freelance projects. 

It's crucial to our business to be able to harness the energy and ingenuity of young creatives, and we consider ourselves very lucky to have encountered so many talented people. 

We're currently looking to get know even more new talent via our open call for portfolios. For more information and how to apply, visit our careers page!  

Photo (from left to right): Top row: Julianne, Maria, Natalie, Megan. Bottom row: Kylie, Whitney, Jason, Ruth.