First project produced by NewsDox, the video journalism arm of Blue Chalk Media, points to future grown.

The release this week of “Living City: Rebuilding After Sandy,” the sixth film on aspects of New York infrastructure, brings to a close an innovative mini-series that regularly ranked as among the most popular videos published by nytimes.com.

“We’re pleased that consumer reaction helped validate our visual storytelling approach and the decision to structure the project as a mini-series delivering fresh episodes week by week,” said Greg Moyer, CEO and founder of NewsDox and Blue Chalk Media.

The series concludes with a look into strategies for fixing and fortifying the city against future storms or flooding events. Each episode explores little known aspects of the engineering that New Yorkers depend upon to make the city liveable. It is the first major production from NewsDox, the unit of Blue Chalk Media that produces video journalism for news and information brands.

“We passionately believe that high-quality video journalism engenders greater empathy among viewers for events happening in the world. At a time when news is becoming commoditized and packaged into context-free nuggets, NewsDox intends to be an antidote. By telling stories about individual people who find themselves ‘living in the news,’ we can make abstract events more emotionally compelling and relatable,” said Moyer.

All six films in the Living City mini-series are available at nytimes.com/video/living-city and at bluechalk.com/portfolio.

The NewsDox unit is currently working on its second series for The New York Times due for release in 2015.

Blue Chalk Media is a visual communications company with offices in Brooklyn, NY and Portland, OR.

Cover photo: Image from "Living City: Rebuilding After Sandy"