Ochre.is Coming Soon

It’s an exciting day at Blue Chalk Media.

Our latest project, Ochre, is open for business.

At our inaugural offsite meeting last summer, our founding staff set the priorities for Blue Chalk. Embracing the disruption in the visual storytelling industry in a positive, forward-thinking way was high among our goals.

Ochre is part of the answer.

Published biweekly by Blue Chalk Media, Ochre is a digital journal that takes the conversations we have about the industry-shift every day beyond the walls of our offices and into our community.

Today, Ochre is officially open for subscription. It’s free.

Head over to ochre.is/comingsoon and enter your email to receive Ochre articles in your inbox twice a month beginning June 17.

We’re so excited to share Ochre with you. We hope you share in the excitement. Go sign up now!

With Great Anticipation,
The Blue Chalk Team