Our favorite moments of 2015

From sailing around San Francisco Bay to rubbing shoulders with TV heavyweights in London, the Blue Chalk team has had some incredible experiences this year. Here, in celebration of another great year coming to an end, some of our staff discuss their own personal highlights.

Greg Moyer, Founder and Chief Executive Officer 

"There were so many, but no doubt I enjoyed accepting the Best Short Documentary Feature Award this November in London from the Association for International Broadcasters. We were competing against the likes of BBC and other major global producers which makes the honor that much more special."

Pam Huling, Chief Operating Officer

"There are many times that I look around the office and marvel at how well the team works together, with everyone looking out for each other and doing whatever they can to get the job done to the best of their ability. This was just such a moment and it inspired me to snap a quick picture and just appreciate how awesome it all is."

Rob Finch, Creative Director 

"Standing outside a prison in Salem, Oregon, with our director of photography, Jamie Francis, as we filmed the release of a prisoner whose sentence was commuted. The beauty of the moment when he was reunited with his family was as true as anything I’d ever witnessed."

Lisa Jamhoury, Chief Digital Officer

"Our Twitter Q&A. It was great to see Blue Chalk interacting with its community in a new way."

Jamie Francis, Director of Photography

On the streets of Varanasi, India after filming the final scene for Burned Girl. It's my favorite moment because Ragini, Dr. Singh and the ancient city of Varanasi stole my heart. We were in Delhi working on another story when we got a call asking if we could fly up to Varanasi so the whole experience felt like a gift.

Julianne Parker, Production Manager 

"Interviewing Jonathan Simon, a law professor at UC Berkeley, about the use of body-worn cameras. His perspectives about how the technology will impact the future of policing was tactful and thought-provoking."