Our Most Hopeful Moments 2016

2016 has been an exciting year for Blue Chalk Media. 

We've traveled across Africa, gotten the chance to work with wonderful clients and have added some awesome new additions—like Sarah Marcus—to our Blue Chalk family.  

Although we've had a wonderful year as a company, 2016 has also been a challenging time for many people around the world.

With so much uncertainty in our communities, we asked some of our staff members to share moments that lifted their hearts, minds, and spirits and gave them hope for the future.

Greg Moyer, Founder and Chief Executive Officer

My favorite moment of hope was looking up on Nov. 17, the third birthday of Blue Chalk, and realizing that we were overwhelmed with great projects from clients who believe in visual storytelling. Three years into this enterprise, we’ve served 58 clients who have commissioned us to make 321 films. Every day, we are grateful to work with people who want to tell authentic stories that make the world a better place.

Pam Huling, Chief Operating Officer

Nothing gives me more hope for the future than to meet with emerging visual storytellers—visiting students from universities—and to hear their really insightful questions and comments. These kids are on it!

Rob Finch, Creative Director  

My most hopeful moment of 2016 was the day we shot a short piece for Open School. It was humbling and inspiring to listen to each student's stories.   

Greg Snider, Senior Editor

Seeing "CANYON SONG" on the big screen at the Portland Eco Film Festival at the Hollywood Theatre. These amazing young women, their families and the people at Standing Rock, give me hope that Native Americans voices will continue to be heard and respected through the coming generations.

Natalie Taylor, Producer

One of the most hopeful for me was when we filmed a high school robotics team from Umatilla, Oregon, win in a regional competition which ensured they were going on to compete at state level. The whole team erupted in giddy pride and happiness at their hard work paying off.

Sarah Marcus, Senior Editor

My experience is a culmination of moments. Some of these are when I take the time to observe my co-workers in action. They are truly making magic. It is collaborative, creative and it feeds my soul. There is so much talent and wisdom and kindness—and that is beautiful. 

Léo Hamelin, Producer  

Spending the summer of 2016 on the road in Africa was probably one of the most intense and exciting assignments I’ve ever had. With the inimitable Jamie Francis, we traveled to six countries, East, West, North and South, to interview some of the continent’s brightest entrepreneurs, leaders and Heads of State. We got sick, slept on airport floors, got lost in taxis and carried cases and cases of gear, but I would go back in a heartbeat.  

Julianne Parker, Producer

My most hopeful moment of 2016 was when we shot interviews for a chapter of Pearson’s textbook about gender and sexuality. The conversations we had with individuals were so enlightening and relevant.