Survival of the Well Tended

Surviving winter isn’t easy. Frigid temperatures... Limited daylight... Travel delays... Luckily, we here at Blue Chalk have hot cocoa, movies to stream and down coats to help us make it through, but we realize not everyone's so lucky.

This March, working with The Weather Channel, we set out to discover how some of the most vulnerable animals—newborn lambs—survive the cold.

Our search brought us to the Crazy Woman Farm—home of the Marshall family in Clyde Park, Montana—where lambs are born into the erratic late-winter and early-spring weather.

The Marshall family on their farm in Clyde Park, Montana.

In a place where there can be “four different seasons in one day,” the lambs are at risk of having their extremities freeze in a sudden drop in temperature. Luckily, the young’uns are well tended.

The Marshalls follow the weather closely to be able to rescue the lambs before the cold temperatures get to them.

When a lamb is in trouble the Marshalls bring it in the house and blow hot air from the wood burning stove onto it and feed it milk. Sometimes, neighbors knit the fragile lambs sweaters so they can stay warm till their wool coats grow in.

We learned out in Montana, whether it's a cup of hot cocoa or a warm place by the fire, we all need a little help to survive the cold.

Take a moment to slip away to Clyde Park and get to know the Marshalls, their lambs and the stunning Montana landscape.

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Cover photo: Just minutes old, a newborn lamb rests up against its mother. Photo by Catherine Yrisarri