Taking to the Skies on the Wings of Warbirds

Each year the rural landscape of Oshkosh, Wisconsin awakens to the hum of 10,000 airplane engines of all breeds.

"On the Wings of Warbirds" is our seventh film in a series for The Weather Channel. The short films tell the stories of real people for whom having an accurate weather forecast is essential. 

The film follows Stan “Stitch” Markus (father of our very own Jayme Markus) as he prepares to fly his T-6 Texan warbird in formation at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, an international air show in Wisconsin. The T-6 Texan warbird was used to teach pilots to fly during WWII. These antique aircraft have limited instrumentation, so having an accurate forecast is crucial to a safe flight.

Buckle up and sit back as Stitch takes you up. 

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A tip of the wing to you.