Vastenactie Lenten Appeal

We were thrilled to work with Vastenactie, a Roman Catholic aid organization based in the Netherlands, to create a film series for its Lenten campaign.  

Last year, our team traveled to Mbala, Zambia, where we documented the work of the Sisters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary and captured the positive effects of their Households In Distress (HID) program, which aims to reduce the impact of HIV and AIDS through education and health care. 

We made six films for this project. Learn more about each one below.


Emeldah is an 11-year-old girl who loves playing ball, reading books and dreams of one day becoming a teacher. Although her life is not easy, she and her family have been helped by the HID program which has allowed her to attend school and get a daily meal. Watch this film to spend a day in Emeldah's shoes and see how education has brought her happiness. This film was made specifically for viewing by children.


Beatrice, a mother of six, is HIV positive. Before receiving help from the HID program, she was struggling to provide for her family due to the stigma and discrimination aimed towards her because of her illness. Now, Beatrice has become one of the leaders of HID and helps others who were struggling just as she was.

Geoffrey and Evelyn

Meet Geoffrey and Evelyn, an elderly couple, who are responsible for five grandchildren who were all orphaned when their parents died from AIDS. Initially, they struggled to provide for everyone, but, thanks to the HID program, they received seeds and training which have enabled them to give their grandchildren a better life.  


Sisters of the Sacred Heart 

In this film, we learn more about the Sisters of the Sacred Hearts and the work they do to support Mbala's poorest and most vulnerable residents. 


Elizabeth had 10 children but, because of AIDS, only four are still alive. Now, she looks after her six orphaned grandchildren. Due to her age, it was difficult for her to find work. Through the HID program, she received fish farming training which has helped to give her, and her family, a much better quality of life. 

Adult Literacy 

Almost half of the adult women in Zambia cannot read, write or count. To help combat this issue in Mbala, the Sisters of the Sacred Hearts set up writing groups for local women. In this film, we meet some of these women and hear their stories. 


If you would like to help Vastenactie continue to do its important work, you can donate here.