W3 Awards Honor Three Blue Chalk Projects

Three Blue Chalk projects, “Beatrice,” “Sanah,” and “Pearson Originals: Issues in the News,” have won W³ Awards!

The top prize went to "Beatrice," which was named Best in Show in the “Online Video Nonprofit” category. Commissioned by Roman Catholic aid organization, Vastenactie, the film focuses on a woman who has overcome the stigma associated with having HIV to become a leader in her community.

This is the second award win for “Beatrice” which was honored with an “Award of Excellence” from the Communicator Awards earlier this year.

A Gold Communicator Award went to “Sanah,” a film we created for Pearson Education about a young woman who has dedicated herself to pursuing education and now works to help others overcome their self-doubt. The film was a winner in the “General Marketing Online Video - Short Form for Marketing” category.

Last, but certainly not least, our series "Pearson Originals: Issues in The News," won a Silver Award in the “Online Video-Web Series” category. This project, also created for Pearson Education, was one of our most impactful to date and is part of a larger effort to reinvent educational engagement through video. The series is comprised of 19 short docs that highlight the stories of people who are living the news and was also recognized in the “Video Documentary Series” category in this year’s Communicator Awards.

The W³ Awards celebrates digital excellence by honoring outstanding websites, web marketing, video, mobile sites/apps and social content created by some of the best interactive agencies, designers, and creators worldwide. Collectively, we have won seven W³ Awards since we first entered in 2016.