The Promise of Oregon: Year Three

About the Project

Feb. 10, 2017
Oregon School Boards Association

For the third year in a row, Blue Chalk collaborated with the Oregon School Boards Association to continue the Promise of Oregon campaign. This year, we emphasized the need to invest in Oregon's schools by prioritizing revenue reform legislation that benefits these students’ learning. 

This year's film is titled "What Makes Oregon, Oregon?" and we visited every corner of the state—from the stretches of desert in the east to the coastline of the west—to create it.

Along the way, we met inspiring students who are proud to call this beautiful state their home. They remind us of the potential these students hold if we give them the opportunities and tools they need to succeed.

When we invest in our schools, we invest in our future. We are proud to be a part of the Oregon School Boards Association’s efforts to prioritize education.  


  • Jamie Francis, Director of Photography
  • Rob Finch, Director
  • Julianne Parker, Producer
  • Rob Finch, Editor
  • Maria Kjellstrand, Whitney Bradshaw, Jesse Crowell, Assistant Editors
  • Jed Alger, Julianne Parker, Rob Finch, Alex Pulaski, Writers
  • Gordon Klco, Maria Kjellstrand, Natalie Taylor, Bruce Ely, Assistant Camera
  • Claire Wasmann, Little Girl
  • Canara Heinke, Voice
  • "Blueprints" by Keen Collective, Music

Services Provided

  • Original Cinematography
  • Original Still Photography
  • Post-Production