Atlassian Presents: Open Stories

May 29, 2019  :  With Instrument
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About the Project

We teamed up with Instrument, a Portland-based digital innovation agency, to create three short-form documentary stories for their client, Atlassian. 

Atlassian wanted to raise awareness of their brand by demonstrating how an open approach to work makes teams stronger, faster, and more capable of reaching their goals. Each piece tells the story of real people and teams who exemplify Atlassian’s guiding principles to “work open.” 

Working open means including divergent perspectives that amplify creativity, empowering people to bring their true self to work by viewing vulnerability among team members as an asset, and embracing a team’s diverse experiences and backgrounds as valuable because they’re different. 

  • Rob Finch, Director
  • Natalie Taylor, Producer
  • Sebastián Weinberg, Production Manager
  • Megan Clark, Director of Photography
  • Chris Janjic, Assistant Camera
  • Eric Schoenbrunn, Editor
  • Srushti Kamat, Assistant Producer
  • Digital One, Sound Design
  • Blake Henderson, Music Supervision/Music
  • Michael Sempert, Music
  • Peter Bayne, Music
  • Beda Calhoun, Executive Producer [Instrument}
  • Chris Larson, Creative Director [Instrument}
  • Jordan Lessler, Art Direction [Instrument}
  • Miranda Ripka, Producer [Instrument}
  • Miasha Nakahara, Designer [Instrument}
  • Eric Swanson, Copywriting [Instrument}
  • Evan Gutt, Editor [Instrument}
  • Chris Cresci, Editor [Instrument}
  • Kyle Stebbins, Editor [Instrument}
  • Brian Kinnes, Assistant Editor [Instrument}
  • Matt Resnick & Josie Ellerbee, Strategy [Instrument}
  • Archival materials and footage, Carlyn Dougherty, Jon Ellsworth, Elaine Kim, Sean Ahlquist, Natalie Egan & Translator Company
Services Provided
  • Original Cinematography
  • Original Still Photography
  • Post-Production
  • Pre-Production