Beyond the Block: Season 3

Oct. 27, 2022  :  With Tastemade
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About the Project

Blue Chalk worked with Tastemade and to produce Season Three of "Beyond the Block."

In this five-episode series, REALTOR® Andrew Tyree takes first-time homebuyers on a journey through their city to find the neighborhood, and home, that is right for them. 

Filmed across five US cities —  Las Vegas, Nevada; Salt Lake City, Utah; Boise, Idaho; Portland, Oregon; and Madison, Wisconsin — the series aims to help homebuyers discover what home is really about. 

Beyond the Block’s third season can be streamed exclusively on the Tastemade streaming channel, which is available across platforms including YouTube TV, Samsung TV Plus, VIZIO SmartCast TVs, The Roku Channel, and Comcast Xfinity X1 – and on-demand on the Tastemade app.

  • Andrew Tyree, Host
  • Joey Lucas, Executive Producer
  • Neil Fernandez, Director
  • Beatrice Becette, Producer
  • Mariel Rodriguez-McGill, Producer
  • Amanda Boughner, Associate Producer
  • Angela Roote, Associate Producer
  • Chaveli Guzman, Associate Producer
  • Asia Brown, Camera Operator
  • Chris Janjic, Camera Operator
  • Jason Greene, Camera Operator
  • Liz Moughon, Camera Operator
  • Neil Watson, Camera Operator
  • Veronica Smith, Camera Operator
  • Azita Ayagh, Editor
  • Eric Maierson, Editor
  • Maria Kjellstrand, Editor
  • Michael Matassa, Editor
  • Jessica Stewart, Production Manager
  • Kenzie Bruce, Production Manager
  • Jason Duffett, Supervising Producer
  • Mariko Fujinaka, Post Production Supervisor
  • Amy Polanksy, Head of Production
  • Sebastián Weinberg, Head of Production
  • Brooke Roberts, Casting Director
  • Lauren Riccio, Casting Producer
  • Crystal Smith, Casting Producer
  • RJ Robinson, Casting Editor
  • Conner Lee, Graphics
  • Track VFX, Graphics
  • Sebastian Zurinaga, 1st Assistant Camera
  • Sean Khuon-Paige, 1st Assistant Camera
  • Jim Stanek, 1st Assistant Camera
  • Camera Crystal Kelley, 2nd Assistant Camera
  • William Tang, 2nd Assistant Camera
  • Casey Harrington, 2nd Assistant Camera
  • Natalie Eng, Assistant Editors / DIT
  • Joshua Nation, DIT
  • Lindsey Schmitz, DIT
  • Liz Moughon, DIT
  • Seth Smith, Sound Recordist
  • Jim Cooke, Sound Recordist
  • Mike Franck, Sound Recordist
  • Taran Molnar, Sound Recordist
  • Kai Tillman, Sound Recordist
  • Austin Carrero, Production Assistant
  • Breonna Dobbs, Production Assistant
  • John Genovese, Production Assistant
  • Senja Van Wagenen, Production Assistant
  • Seth Randal, Production Assistant
  • Jake Schaumberg-Dineen, Production Assistant
  • Vanessa White, Production Assistant
  • Monique Hardy, Hair and Makeup Artist
  • Odera Nduka, Hair and Makeup Artist
  • Darren Hartman, Colorist
  • Chip Sloan, Sound Mixers
  • Jingle Punks, Music
  • Kathy Jacobsen, Rights & Clearance Manager
Services Provided
  • Casting
  • Creative Development
  • Original Cinematography
  • Original Graphic Design
  • Original Motion Graphics/Animation
  • Post-Production
  • Pre-Production
  • Research
  • Story Development