The Cabin Chronicles: Season Three

June 16, 2023  :  With Magnolia Network
About the Project

Blue Chalk worked with Magnolia Network on "The Cabin Chronicles," a series where cabin owners share a look into their beautiful homes.

In this third season, viewers will explore the architecture, design, and human connection behind each different cabin and learn more about their surrounding landscapes.

Season three of “The Cabin Chronicles” is now streaming on Max, Discovery+, and the Magnolia Network app.

  • Greg Moyer, Executive Producer
  • Pam Huling, Executive Producer
  • Jessica Winchell Morsa, Executive Producer for Magnolia Network
  • Kenzie Bruce, Producer / Creative Director
  • Gordon Klco, Director / Producer
  • Larin Sullivan, Director / Producer
  • Beatrice Becette, Director / Producer
  • Chris Gonzalez, Director / Producer
  • Nina Bracey, Director / Producer
  • Chaveli Guzman, Producer
  • Chris Janjic, Director of Photography
  • Jason Green, Director of Photography
  • Chris Cresci, Director of Photography
  • Nora Ballard, Director of Photography
  • Phillip Sheldon, Director of Photography
  • Dillon Deaton, Director of Photography
  • Kylie Juggert, Editor
  • Hayden Hoyl, Editor
  • Winslow Crane-Murdoch, Editor
  • Leandro Badalotti,, Editor
  • Anchitta Noowon, Editor
  • Katrina De Vera, Editor
  • Yoon S. Byun, Editor
  • Bernardo Pantoja,, Editor
  • Brandon Petitt, Editor
  • Eric Maierson, Editor
  • Rob Finch, Creative Director
  • Amy Polansky, Head of Production
  • Jessica Stewart, Supervising Producer
  • Sebastian Weinberg, Supervising Producer
  • Mariko Fujinaka, Supervising Producer
  • Nikki Walker, Supervising Producer
  • Kaylee Domzalsk, Associate Producer
  • Kpojo Kparyea, Associate Producer
  • Kayla Caldeira, Associate Producer
  • Cole Strong, Associate Producer
  • Tara Flanagan, Casting Producer
  • Jamie Francis, Additional Camera
  • Sean Khuon-Paige, Additional Camera
  • Reed Ellefson, Additional Camera
  • Mimi d’Autremont, Additional Camera
  • Luke Rafferty, Additional Camera
  • Orlando Valenzuela, Additional Camera
  • Aubrey Moore, Additional Editing
  • Kennedy Smith, Additional Editing / Color / Production Support
  • Ian Miller, DIT
  • Sawyer Roque, DIT
  • Miró Merrill, Graphic Design & Animation
  • Connor Lee, Graphic Design & Animation
  • Chip Sloan, Sound Design
  • Danny E. Harris, Sound Design
  • Jesse Crowell, Color
  • Ryan Mauk, Color
  • LaRonn Marzett, Production Assistant
  • Debra Bollman, Original Artwork
  • Jessica Franks, Original Artwork
Services Provided
  • Color Grading
  • Creative Development
  • Original Cinematography
  • Original Graphic Design
  • Original Motion Graphics/Animation
  • Original Sound Design
  • Original Still Photography
  • Post-Production
  • Pre-Production
  • Research