Diary of an Old Home

Aug. 25, 2022  :  With Magnolia Network
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About the Project

Blue Chalk worked with Magnolia Network to produce two seasons of "Diary of an Old Home," a short digital series created for the Discovery+ and Magnolia Network streaming platforms. 

In each episode, homeowners offer an intimate look at the original features and modern renovations that make their old homes unique. 

Through interviews, archival images, and beautiful footage, viewers learn about the historical significance of the homes and the homeowners' passion for understanding and preserving their properties' distinct histories.

  • Brooke Herbert, Director/Producer
  • Angela Roote, Director/Producer
  • Jason Greene, Director of Photography
  • Chris Janjic, Director of Photography
  • Phillip Sheldon, Director of Photography
  • Ryan Doris, Director of Photography
  • Rob Finch, Creative Director
  • Jesse Crowell, Creative Director
  • Kenzie Bruce, Creative Director
  • Liz Moughon, Additional Cinematography
  • Sean Khuon-Paige, Additional Cinematography
  • Stephanie Houten, Additional Cinematography
  • Stephanie Houten, Assistant Camera
  • Lucas Young, Assistant Camera
  • Margaret Cheatham William, Editor
  • Tim McLaughlin, Editor
  • José Márquez, Editor
  • Bernardo Pantoja, Editor
  • Dani Ransom, Editor
  • Brandon Petitt, Editor
  • Bernardo Pantoja, Editor
  • Hayden Hoyl, Editor
  • Anchitta Noowong, Editor
  • Kennedy Smith, Assistant Editor
  • Caroline Weaver, Assistant Editor
  • Natalie Eng, Assistant Editor
  • Paige Benner, Assistant Editor
  • Aubrey Moore, Assistant Editor
  • Conner Lee, Graphic Design & Animation
  • Miró Merrill, Graphic Design & Animation
  • Malachi Broadus, Production Assistant
  • Kaylee Domzalski, Production Assistant
  • Emily Quercia, Production Assistant
  • Olu Adedeji, Production Assistant
  • Rowan Wade, Production Assistant
  • Cameron Rosen, Production Assistant
  • Ryan Mauk, Sound Design
  • Chip Sloan, Sound Design
  • Justin Lacroix, Sound Operator
  • Carl Welden, Sound Operator
  • Callie Day, Sound Operator
  • Robert La Rosa, Sound Operator
  • Kennedy Smith, Color
  • Sarah Bourscheid, Color
  • Mariko Fujinaka, Production Manager
  • Jessica Stewart, Production Manager
  • Sebastián Weinberg, Production Manager
  • Amy Polansky, Production Manager
  • Niki Walker, Production Manager
  • Joanna Weiser, For Magnolia Discovery Ventures, LLC
Services Provided
  • Casting
  • Color Grading
  • Creative Development
  • Original Cinematography
  • Original Graphic Design
  • Original Motion Graphics/Animation
  • Original Sound Design
  • Original Still Photography
  • Post-Production
  • Research
  • Story Development