Family Entrepreneurs: When Stakeholders Strike Back

Sept. 19, 2015  :  With The New York Times
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About the Project

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The journalism unit of Blue Chalk Media produced “Family Entrepreneurs” in collaboration with The New York Times video department and business desk. The six-part series celebrates a range of family-owned businesses across the United States—from taquerias to hand-sewn bowties, advanced technological helmets to breweries.

This episode, “When Stakeholders Strike Back,” tells the story of a family feud at Market Basket, a New England supermarket chain. When Arthur S. Demoulas led a boardroom coup to fire co-owner and cousin, C.E.O. Arthur T. Demoulas, in 2014, employees organized a massive boycott of the store in protest that effectively shut down the company for more than six weeks until their beloved leader, Arthur T. was reinstated. This episode tells the combined story of a multi-generational family dispute and another multi-generational family of Market Basket employees who put their livelihood on the line to preserve tradition.

“Family Entrepreneurs” is the second major initiative to come from the Blue Chalk journalism unit, designed to report and produce visual journalism with news organizations and knowledge brands.

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