First Time Fans: The Correct Route

Jan. 26, 2016  :  With Notre Dame University
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About the Project

Blue Chalk Media produced a piece profiling the life of Manny Romero in collaboration with the University of Notre Dame for their series, "First Time Fans."

Manny was raised in a strong Catholic family and taught by the Holy Cross Brothers. As a kid, he dreamed of playing football for the University of Notre Dame and eventually began his journey to become a Holy Cross Brother. But life took a different turn and he found himself traveling the world and flying airplanes. Over the course of his time abroad, one thing kept Manny connected to home—Notre Dame football. Now, for the first time, Manny has the chance to go to a Notre Dame football game. 

  • Rob Finch, Director
  • Rob Finch, Director of Photography
  • Jamie Francis, Assistant Camera
  • Rob Finch and Greg Snider, Editors
  • Julianne Parker, Assistant Producer
  • Dan Quintero, Color and Sound Mix
Services Provided
  • Original Cinematography
  • Post-Production