Pearson World Religions

Oct. 25, 2018  :  With Pearson
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About the Project

The higher education division of Pearson hired Blue Chalk Media to create an original documentary-style film for each chapter of its World Religions textbook

In the series, we explore the vast world of religion. In cinematic and intimate portraits, we profile fifteen different religions through the experiences of believers in today’s America. The series ultimately poses the biggest question: what do I believe?

In this film, one of sixteen in the series, we learn more about the Shinto religion. With a focus on on the worship of the forces of nature, the Shinto faith encourages self-reflection on what we can do to make the world a more harmonious place for all. 

Watch the series now on Pearson's Youtube channel

  • Greg Moyer, Executive Producer
  • Pam Huling, Executive Producer
  • Rob Finch, Creative Director
  • Leo Hamelin, Series Producer
  • Sebastian Weinberg, Production Manager
  • Julianne Parker, Producer
  • Jason Greene, Director of Photography
  • Chris Janjic, Director of Photography
  • Jamie Francis, Director of Photography
  • Megan Clark, Director of Photography/Editor
  • Kylie Juggert, Producer/Editor
  • Anna Clare Spelman, Producer/Editor
  • Eric Schoenbrunn, Editor
  • Maria Kjellstrand, Editor
  • Greg Snider, Editor
  • José Márquez, Editor
  • Sarah Marcus, Editor
  • Miró Merrill, Graphics
Services Provided
  • Original Cinematography
  • Post-Production