Year 1: Blue Chalk Reel

Jan. 27, 2015  :  With Blue Chalk Media
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About the Project

In 2014 Blue Chalk traveled to four continents to produce more than 40 stories. Our Year 1 Reel, created with footage shot on Blue Chalk assignments, shows Blue Chalk at our best—when we're out telling stories that matter.

The video features: Kai Lenny, Jim and Barb Marshall, Will Brady and family, Alma Vasquez, Stanley “Stitch” Markus, Dave Hackenberg, Walter Scott Wines, Erica Landon, Ken Pahlow, Chateau Pindefleurs, Audrey Lauret, Dr. Christopher Van Tilburg, Sonia and Anita Singh, Bob and Sally Richmond, Oregon Promise Kids, and Josh Stewart

Throughout 2014 we’ve had the opportunity to work with the following collaborators: Jamie Francis, Catherine Yrisarri, Greg Snider, Natalie Taylor, Mika Chance, Nick Midwig, Sarah Marcus, Robert Wilson, Dan Quintero, Peter Hutchens, Eleonore Hamelin, Andrew Strenio, Luke Versalko, Seth Lorinczi, Elizabeth Lim, Chip Sloan, Ryan Mauk, Andy Clausen, James Allen, Melanie Burford, Bob Sacha, Jayme Markus, Gayatri Kaul, Dave Altizer, Hayden Peters, Amy Marquis, Dana Romanoff, Wes Pope, Greg Lovett, Bruce Ely, Andy Maser, Gabriela Arp, Rex Lint, Brent Stirton, Jonathan Natiuk, Tyler Strickland, Drew Jordan, Julianne Parker, Mike O’Leary, Pablo Durana, Charlie Mahoney, Matthew Hashiguch, Irene Taylor Brodsky and others.

A special thanks for your contributions to Blue Chalk.

  • Greg Moyer, Executive Producer
  • Rob Finch, Creative Director/Editor
  • Weird Hieroglphics by Marmoset, Music
Services Provided
  • Original Cinematography
  • Post-Production