Fix Me a Plate

Dec. 16, 2020  :  With Food Network
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About the Project

The Food Network's digital team commissioned Blue Chalk to produce "Fix Me a Plate," a web series hosted by Alex Guarnaschelli, a world-renowned chef and star of Food Network shows such as "Chopped," "Iron Chef," and "Alex's Day Off."

Alex Guarnaschelli knows just where to go for a truly memorable dining experience: Old-school restaurants where you can get authentic, fresh, quality-made dishes. Across four seasons, we meet up with Alex in the kitchen of some of her favorite no-frills hangouts for an insider's guide to their iconic dishes and longtime traditions.

All episodes of "Fix Me a Plate" are available to watch on the Food Network Kitchen app.

  • Greg Moyer, Executive Producer
  • Rob Finch, Creative Director
  • Sebastian Weinberg, Senior Production Manager
  • Amy Polansky, Production Manager
  • Matthew Slutsky, Director/Producer
  • Kylie Juggert, Producer
  • Mariko Fujinaka, Post Producer
  • Erin Harvey, Director of Photography
  • Daniella Mileykovsky, Director of Photography
  • Eric Schoenbrunn, Editor and Color
  • Jesse Crowell, Editor
  • Luz Carasa, Editor
  • Aubrey Moore, Assistant Editor
  • MirĂ³ Merrill, Graphics
  • Conner Lee, Graphics
  • Mimi d'Autremont, Assistant Camera
  • Michael Moote, Sound Recordist
  • Digital One, Sound Mixer
  • Jennifer Dyck-Sprout, Production Assistant
  • Danielle Caputo Estorino, Hair and Makeup
  • Monir Uddin, Driver
Services Provided
  • Original Cinematography
  • Original Music Composition
  • Original Still Photography
  • Post-Production