March 21, 2017
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About the Project

Directed by filmmaker Dana Romanoff and edited by Blue Chalk Media, "Noah" tells the story of Noah Patton, a young man from Flint MI who was going down a one-way street backward. With a gun on his hip and always in search of the next lick, he had many enemies and was living on borrowed time. 

Flint, Michigan is a city built on the American Dream. With the disappearance of industry, it became impoverished and neglected, and so did its residents. The water crisis is just one more tragedy piled upon a mound of oppression.

But Flint is a city of survivors. And like the phoenix, Noah and his city are rising from the ashes. Noah returned to his deep-rooted faith in God, and with the help of a pastor, he is turning his life around and helping to positively shape the future of his community. 

This isn’t a new story, but with talk of ravaged inner cities requiring a single-minded law and order response, it is an important one. 

  • Dana Romanoff, Director/Producer/Cinematographer
  • Rob Finch, Editor
  • Amy Marquis, Co-Producer
  • Madeline Lear, Assistant Editor
  • Digital One, Sound Design
  • Caroline Cairlin, Production Assistant
  • Patrick Dowdle, Grip
  • Steve VanMaele, Grip
  • Anastasius Brown, Archival Footage
Services Provided
  • Post-Production