A Sense of OHSU

Oct. 20, 2020  :  With Oregon Health & Science University
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About the Project

Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) usually recruits students to its General Medical Education program by arranging visits to its riverfront campus in Portland, OR.  But, with COVID-19 making 2020 a year like no other, site visits became impossible. 

In response, OHSU commissioned Blue Chalk to make a video that speaks to the energy of the program and the lifestyle virtues of the Pacific Northwest all without the benefit of documenting a working campus. The solution involved mixing user-generated video shot by over 30 staff and students with original photography from Blue Chalk. The film takes a multi-sensorial, poetic approach to convey the enthusiasm and natural wonder early-career physicians might feel if they choose to live and learn in Oregon. 

  • Jesse Crowell, Creative Director/Director
  • Natalie Taylor, Producer
  • Jason Greene (OHSU), Director of Photography
  • Chris Janjic (Nature), Director of Photography
  • Whitney Bradshaw, Editor
  • Eric Schoenbrunn, Editor
  • Delaney Young, Assistant Editor/Production Assistant
  • Emma Decker, Sound Design
  • Cara Craig Braswell, VO Talent
  • Conner Lee, Graphics
  • Mariko Fujinaka, Copywriting
Services Provided
  • Copywriting
  • Creative Development
  • Original Cinematography
  • Original Motion Graphics/Animation
  • Original Sound Design
  • Post-Production