Nike N7: Wellness In Motion

July 9, 2020  :  With Instrument
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About the Project

Blue Chalk was honored to collaborate with Nike and Instrument to create four mini-documentaries for Nike N7's "Wellness in Motion" campaign that each share inspiring lessons of Indigenous athletes, artists, advocates and creators

The films touch on topics of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness and feature experienced trainers and consultants from the Indigenous 20 Somethings Project (I20SP), the Native Wellness Institute, and Well for Culture. Each piece communicates intergenerational wisdom of Indigenous cultures, empowering Indigenous youth to embrace their ancestral heritage and work toward wellbeing

  • Natalie Taylor, Senior Producer
  • Rob Finch, Creative Director
  • Jesse Crowell, Associate Creative Director / Editor
  • Sebastian Weinberg, Production Manager
  • Amy Polansky, Post Production Manager
  • Mariko Fujinaka, Story Producer
  • Kenzie Bruce, Story Producer
  • Jason Greene, Cinematography / Portrait Photography
  • Chris Janjic, Cinematography
  • Megan Clark, Portrait Photography
  • Maria Kjellstrand, Editor
  • Sarah Marcus, Editor
  • Sarah Bourscheid, Editor, Color Grading
  • DJ Scott, Assistant Editor
  • Kashi Hall, Assistant Editor
  • Liz Moughon, Assistant Story Producer
  • Conner Lee, Motion Graphics
  • Jim Cooke, Sound Design, Audio Edit & Mix
  • Jesse Crowell, Color Grading
  • Maria Kjellstrand, Color Grading
  • Dissolve, Additional Footage
  • A Tribe Called Red, 2oolman, Score / Soundtrack
  • Paul Welch, Executive Director (Instrument)
  • Kristen Reick, Executive Producer (Instrument)
  • Chris Larson, Creative Director (Instrument)
  • Al James, Writing Director (Instrument)
  • Brandon Nightingale, Producer (Instrument)
  • Shawn Fleek, Writer (Instrument)
  • Nicole Davis, Designer (Instrument)
  • Lizelle Galaz, Digital Strategist (Instrument)
  • Greg Browe, Additional Motion Graphics (Instrument)
  • Heather Weyda, Additional Motion Graphics (Instrument)
Services Provided
  • Original Cinematography
  • Original Still Photography
  • Post-Production
  • Story Development