In a Flash: How Modern Homes Are Fueling Faster Fires

Today, we’re proud to announce that two films produced by Blue Chalk Media for T Brand Studio are now featured in a paid post on

T Brand Studio, the custom content studio in the Advertising Department of The New York Times, asked Blue Chalk to create two videos about house fires and how to prevent them for its client, Nest Labs.  

The interactive paid post, “In a Flash: How Modern Homes Are Fueling Faster Fires,” gives readers important information about fires in the modern home and the importance of fire alarms.

The first film, “In a Flash: The Ware Family,” tells the story of the Ware family from Church Hill, TN, who lost their home to a house fire on Feb. 23, 2015. Fortunately, the Wares had Nest fire alarms in their property and were able to escape unharmed before the house burned to the ground.

The second film, “In a Flash: Eight Times Faster,” features interviews with some of the nation's leading experts on flammable materials and highlights how today’s homes burn up to eight times faster than houses built two generations ago.

View the interactive paid post on The New York Times.