New Blue Chalk Series for NBC OUT

We are delighted to share with you, our three-part series for NBC News Brand Studio and their client, Mercedes-Benz, which tells the stories of three LGBTQ makers who are redefining their artistic industries.    

NBC News Brand Studio commissioned the videos for NBC OUT, NBC's LGBTQ news and information hub, and were filmed in New York and San Francisco. 

The first video in the series showcases fashion designer, Becca McCharen, who founded clothing label, Chromat

Becca's designs alter traditional conceptions of beauty and have been worn by a collection of powerful female artists including Madonna and Beyonce.

The second video focuses on product designer, Neal Ulrich, who discovered his passion when he found the on-campus machine shop while studying for a degree in biology. 

Neal hopes that his products will challenge the unconscious assumptions present in everyday life to create a more inclusive world.


The final video features John Sorensen-Jolink, a furniture designer who realized that his background as a dancer gave him a unique perspective on how to create pieces that moved people through a space.


All three videos are now live on