Blue Chalk Projects Win NYX & NSPRA Awards

Our work has recently been honored by two competitions, the NYX Awards, and the National School Publication Relations Association (NSPRA) Awards.

The NYX Awards acknowledged nine of our projects, bringing our total number of NYX Awards to 16.

The NYX Video Awards celebrates the best visual ideas from all around the world and is judged by a panel of highly respected and experienced professionals handpicked from the global digital and creative industry.

Here’s the full list of our 2020 winning projects: 

Travel Oregon: Alvord Desert - Commercials / Marketing - Grand Winner 

Travel Oregon: Suttle Lake - Web-Based Production - Gold Winner 

Open School: We Break Cycles - Commercials / Marketing - Gold Winner 

PSU Foundation: Impossible Firsts - Non-Broadcast - Gold Winner 

Rheumatology Research Foundation: Jessi's Story - Commercials / Marketing - Gold Winner 

NSBA: LifeReady Skills - Web-Based Production - Gold Winner 

Kiva: Nancy's Story - Commercials / Marketing - Gold Winner 

OBRC: How Seamus Gets a Fish - Social Video - Silver Winner 

OSBA: The Student Success Act - Social Video - Silver Winner 

Our film “The Road to the Student Success Act,” created for Oregon School Boards Association, was given an Award of Merit by the NSPRA Awards, which recognize outstanding education publications and marketing/informational materials (print and electronic), video/TV/radio programs, social media, and websites. We have also won multiple NSPRA awards, with our total now standing at eight.